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Behind-The-Scenes in Tunisia

Today, we're exploring the story and people of Carthage.Co!

The dinner table is more than just a place to sit down and eat. It serves as a point of crossroads coming together to develop deeper human bonds.

Named after the ancient city of Carthage that once served as a connecting point of Mediterranean trade, the Carthage.Co mission is to provide a valuable point of connection that starts in Tunisia and ends at your dinner table.

Read on to meet more of our team and learn about the local employees and communities in our Tunisia factory. . . 

Andrew and Paul

Our company brings two continents together to create a world table and our co-founders, Andrew and Paul, each contribute different qualities as they gather around it.

Together, these lifelong friends discovered they shared the same passion for doing business which positively impacted the lives of the creators of products as much as those who bought them and from there, Carthage.Co was born. 

Paul works closely with our local team in Tunisia. This year, he joined in a community project with our factory workers and their families (pictured below).

If you've been following us for a while, you know we care about more than just stoneware.

Our Tunisian factory workers and artisans are valuable members of the creative process and an important part of the Carthage.Co story.

This Summer, we had the honor of giving back to the local factory workers by providing a free English day for their children. It was a small gesture, but it came from the heart.

We are so happy that it all came together and that we can share it with you!

After developing a plan for an all-day workshop for the children, we sent out a sign-up sheet for parents.  They were excited to hear our activity ideas and agreed to share with their families. This would be an adventurous day for everyone in the Carthage.Co extended community!

Fun for Everyone
We were ready to help offer support in both English and Arabic so that each student could get something out of the day - no matter their language level. When the day finally arrived over 50 students participated! 

Here's what one organizer shared about her experience:
"It was an absolute blast! The kids moved through various activities that included a trust walk, relay races, storytelling, singing, and bracelet making.  It was truly a team effort to pull off, and it seemed as though everyone had fun . . . at the closing ceremony, the parents even requested a weekly English club!" 

Read more about how our stoneware is created right here on the blog or watch some of our behind-the-scenes videos.

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