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Carthage.Co Stoneware - From Tunisia to your Table

At Carthage.co we want to tell you the story of the people and the process of how your products are made. Our story starts with our name. Built alongside the sea, the city of Carthage once served as a hub of Mediterranean trade. Carthage.Co brings stoneware to America that is sourced, created, and imported from North Africa.

What Makes Carthage.Co Different?

At Carthage.Co, we're proud that we can bring the beauty of luxury stoneware products to you, without the large price tag. Our way around this was to create a direct to consumer channel, meaning you get the same high-end products at a fraction of a retail store’s price. This direct relationship influences our mission to draw our customers into the lives and narratives of those who make our pieces. Just as a dining table brings people together, we're working to bring some of the beauty that is so characteristic of Tunisia to American homes - one table at a time.

Who Makes the Products?

We're proud to work with local manufacturers that employ and empower their communities with dignity and equity. We now have over 100 locals working on our Carthage.Co products. We believe in sustainable entrepreneurial growth that partner with instead of competes against.

What is the Production Process?

Our Hamila Factory is located near in Nabeul, Tunisia. It begins with clay mined in Tabarka, Tunisia. The process is started when a mixture of clay, sand, potash, and water is mixed for six hours. Then the liquid is filtered to remove impurities. Pitchers, goblets and rectangular dishes are formed using a wet clay poured into a mold. Plates and serving dishes are formed on presses and wheels and then dried in large electric driers. 

Each piece of stoneware we sell passes through many hands on its way to being fired in large electric kilns. A high level of care and attention to detail each person gives to his or her task is evident throughout the process. The stoneware you see on your table is a beautiful creation produced with care by the over 100 people who work here. Some with more than twenty years of experience!

The final step in the process is hand glazing. Our Zaghwan Collection is glazed in a seven-step process! Once glazed the stoneware is added to the kiln. The kilns fire the stoneware at temperatures up to 1300 °C for approximately 12 hours. 

After cooling, each piece is carefully inspected for blemishes and then packaged for the month-long journey across the Atlantic Ocean. 

As Carthage once served as a common place for gatherers, we’re committed to curating and tailoring indelible moments at a similar junction. Click here to watch a tour of the factory!

Welcome to our Table.

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