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Thanksgiving Tips to Help Plan the Perfect Day

It’s almost that time of year when you have to start planning one of the most important meals of the year: Thanksgiving. For anyone who has hosted this event before, they can confirm that is it major undertaking. Careful planning is required to ensure it runs smoothly. If you’re not the host this year, breathe a sigh of relief but we have some tips for you too, no matter what role you play!

For the Perfect Guest

Don’t show up Empty-Handed

Firstly, ask the host if there is anything they would like you to bring. They may really appreciate your help but some will opt to just brush off the question. If their answer is nothing, bring along a bottle of wine, a seasonal dish towel, or some flowers for the table. We advise against bringing anything that requires the oven, space to prepare or space on the stovetop. Your gift should show your appreciation and not cause more work for your host!

It's all in the detail

Create an atmosphere in the room using your table decorations including your dinnerware, serveware and bakeware. We recommend checking out our Zaghwan Collection which has rich colours and textures, perfect for the Fall Season. Finish off with some small gourds and rich gold details in the cutlery and you have your perfect Thanksgiving table!

Red Zaghwan Plate l Thanksgiving Dinnerware l Carthage.Co

Show up on Time

Being no more than 15 minutes late is acceptable and may be helpful. Showing up early is likely going to cause more stress on your host unless they have requested you be there to help. Being late risks making the host wait for you prior to serving dinner. Just do them a favour and show up on time!

Offer Your Help

If your host is busy bustling around in the kitchen, peek in to ask if you can be of any help. If they say no, go and make yourself useful elsewhere as nothing is worse than trying to work around people in the kitchen, or receiving unwanted remarks on cooking!

For the Perfect Host

Be Clear

When your guests ask questions about the event, be clear about what you actually want. Be specific with what time guests should arrive so you know when they will be there. Also, if someone asks if they can bring anything, do not hesitate to ask for what would help you out.

Plan Ahead

La Marsa Pitcher l Thanksgiving Dinnerware l Carthage.CoThanksgiving is not the event to leave until last minute. Anything you can do ahead of time such as making food in advance, preparing your dinner table and going grocery shopping. You want to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving too and leaving it to the last minute will take away from cooking and entertaining. In general, we advise you to make a game plan and stick to it!

Put Guests at Ease

There’s nothing quite as unnerving as a stressed out host. It’s imperative to make your guests feel comfortable. Give everyone a warm welcome and check your stress at the door. If something goes wrong, laugh about it and do your best! Having that plan for ahead of time will put your mind at ease and save you a lot of time in the long run.

At Carthage.Co we wish you the best Thanksgiving season. We have a delightful selection of dinnerware, serveware and bakeware to ensure your holiday table is set up and ready. The rest is up to you!

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