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Why Ethical Shopping Matters

The world that we live in today, especially in North America, is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. In this here-and-now moment, there are a few things that drive Western culture’s creativity, design, and structures. It seems now more than ever, everything is designed to be fast, casual, and to provide instant gratification and temporary satisfaction.

The retail industry has followed suit for many years, producing cell phones that only last you a short period of time or clothing that has a short shelf life and a low price tag. The question is, at what cost? What costs and shortcuts are these industries taking to provide us with quick fixes and to deal with record-breaking consumer demands? This is where ethical shopping comes into play.

Stacked up against the everyday retail store, ethical shopping looks similar to your other shopping experiences, but the impact is that much greater. At Carthage Co., we pride ourselves in our ethical ways of business and believe it is our part as global citizens to contribute to sustainable and ethically-minded shopping. Here’s our list of the top three reasons why ethical shopping matters.

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Quality over Quantity

Big box retailers are meeting high demands from consumers at such a fast pace that it makes it nearly impossible to produce high-quality products that come from ethical sources. The quality we are becoming used to is that of being disposable and temporary. When you choose to shop ethically, you are receiving goods and services that are designed with quality at the core. Ethical products must meet these quality standards at every level. From development and manufacturing to packaging and shipping, the products you are receiving are curated for longevity and excellence in ways that large-scale companies don’t have the capacity to compete with. High-quality products = high-quality satisfaction!

Sustainable Shopping

If you’re an active Instagram user, you have likely seen the hashtags #ShopLocal and #EthicallyMade, praising businesses in local settings for providing ethical, sustainable, and unique products. The great thing about ethically-minded shopping is that your purchases directly affect the teams of people behind that Zaghwan dining set. It puts the profits into the hands of people who are part of the process, rather than paying unfair wages to the hands-on workers while the upper management lines their pockets. As a result, these profits boost the local economies in places like North Africa, where Carthage.Co teams up with designers and manufacturers to create stoneware that supports the local economy!

Money Talks

As consumers, one of the biggest influences we have in the retail industry is what we decide to invest in. Wherever we choose to buy our clothes, groceries, or home goods sends a message to those retailers that we support them, at least with our finances. By making the conscious choice to spend your hard-earned money at companies with ethical principles and standards, you are supporting the vision and mission of these companies that are striving for fair wages, equal opportunity, and sustainable economies. Our decisions speak volumes, and supporting ethical companies makes it clear that as a global citizen, you recognize the importance of putting people first. 

Carthage.Co is focused on social responsibility and you can guarantee ethical shopping when you purchase from us. You can rest assured that our stoneware is ethically sourced, created, and imported from North Africa. We're proud to work with local manufacturers that employ and empower their communities with dignity and equity. Check out our products here.

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