InterVarsity & Carthage.Co connection

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Carthage.Co and InterVarsity

Carthage.Co exists to build bridges between the cultures of North Africa and the US. We import beautiful products from local producers in North Africa to the US in hopes that our business will bless the lives of people in this region. As Christians in business, we desire that our engagement with local people will bring the hope of Jesus into their lives as well. This mug is a simple expression of this bridge building with a unique InterVarsity connection. Paul Leary and Andrew King, the founders of Carthage.Co, have both served with InterVarsity (Paul in the 1980s and Andrew currently). Paul lives in Tunisia and works in partnership with GBU, the Tunisian IFES ministry.

Carthage.Co is about more than just stoneware. Our Tunisian factory workers and artisans are valuable members of the creative process and an important part of the Carthage.Co story. In 2019, we had the honor of giving back to the local factory workers by providing a free English day for their children. It was a small gesture, but it came from the heart. Through actions like these, Carthage.Co and the team of like-minded workers who are living there seek to create opportunities to share God's love with them through word and deed.

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