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Toujani Rug 1/2024 - New - 108" x 48"

Toujani Rug 1/2024 - New - 108" x 48"

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This rug has a beautiful 8 panel design, on a soft white wool background.  The Berber symbols in this rug are quite detailed and this rug is guaranteed to be a conversation piece. In a large hallway, this would be an attractive runner, since it is 9 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Each rug is handmade by women from the southern Berber villages of Tunisia on a wooden loom.  Each rug has a unique size and design, and once sold will be restocked in roughly 6 months time.  The rug is made from wool spun from the local sheep in the village and crafted by women who have been carrying this rug-making tradition for hundreds of years.  Some rugs have wool which is not dyed but reflects the actual color of the wool.  Organic dyes are used for the rest of the rugs.

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